Types of Hemorrhoids – Internal & External. What’s the Difference Between Them?


Hemorrhoids are also known as piles and if you ask me for the exact meaning of piles; I’d explain them to you as swollen blood vessels in the rectum and anal canal. It has been discussed in great detail in other blogs. I am certain you are already aware of the symptoms of piles and have already self-diagnosed yourself. So let me tell you a little more. There are two types of hemorrhoids which can present in four stages. Today let us discuss the two types- internal and external hemorrhoids.

Causes and Frequent Symptoms of Haemorrhoids

Anything that can cause prolonged pressure in the lower rectum or anal canal can lead to piles.
i.e. straining while defecating; sitting on the toilet for extended durations; constipation, obesity, pregnancy, low fiber in diet, spicy/ processed food, and regular heavy lifting.

The most common symptom of piles is observing blood in stool followed by pain and itching in the region around the anus. If you suspect you have piles, it is a good time to see a Piles specialist.

I am Dr. S.N. Baser, a laparoscopic and anorectal surgeon at Harsh Hospital and Maternity Home, Surat. And I am writing this to explain the distinctions and treatment options here. Let me start by saying, visit your consultant after reading the guides and fearing the self-made diagnoses. 

Difference between Internal & External Hemorrhoids


Internal Piles are Haemorrhoids that form inside the rectum.

The most common symptom is bleeding which is usually not visible from the outside, the mass is smaller and usually goes inside the canal.

Internal Piles are Pink and less painful

They are less common

Symptomatic treatment is usually effective such as sitz baths, over-the-counter medicines, and cold compresses.
These are the options for piles treatment at home.  


External Piles are around the anus.

The most common symptoms are pain and bleeding. Itching and swelling are more common.

Usually visible from the outside, the mass is larger.

Due to more swelling and inflammation, very painful, if thrombosed, excruciating pain is present along with tenderness

They are more common.

 Piles Surgery is more often required. Visit a consultant if the pain doesn’t reside for over a week or increases even on symptomatic treatment.

The only effective way to know types is to visit a trusted surgeon.

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