What is Proctocolectomy?

  • In proctocolectomy, the large intestine and rectum are removed, leaving the lower end of the small intestine(the ileum). 
  • The specialist sews the anus closed and makes a little opening called a stoma in the skin of the lower guts. The surgical methodology to make the stoma (or another manufactured opening) is called an ostomy.
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  • The ileum is associated with the stoma, making an opening to the outside of the body. The surgery that makes the opening of the digestive system is called an ileostomy.
  • The stool empties into a little plastic pocket called an ostomy bag that is connected to the skin around the stoma.
  • This methodology may likewise be required to treat certain birth abandons or to wipe out a specific type of colon or rectal growth.
  • Specialists may likewise play out this surgery on an emergency basis if the colon or rectum is injured beyond repair.
  • Add up to proctocolectomy with ileostomy surgery is done when other therapeutic treatment does not help issues with your digestive organ.

When is Proctocolectomy required?

  • Colon or rectum cancer
  • Familial polyposis
  • Bleeding in your intestine
  • Birth defects that have damaged your intestines
  • Intestinal damage from an accident or injury

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