What is Fibroid?

Fibroids means abnormal growths in or on the uterus of women. These tumors can grow to be quite large, causing severe stomach pain and heavy periods. In some circumstances, they produce no symptoms at all. The growths are usually noncancerous or benign. Fibroids have no recognized cause. It is estimated that 20 out of 100 women in their 30s have fibroid in their wombs.

Who is at risk for Fibroid?

There is an increased risk of developing fibroid in the following situations:

  •     Nulliparity (haven’t given birth)
  •     obesity
  •     Hyperestrogenemic state
  •     Darker women

What are the symptoms of Fibroid?

70% of women remain asymptomatic whereas, 30٪ women may have abnormal menstruation. These symptoms can be:

  1. Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding, prolonged menstrual cycle)
  2. Metrorrhagia (bleeding at irregular intervals)
  3. Dysmenorrhea (cramps and pelvic pain with excessive flow and clots) etc.

There are various Fibroid treatment options depending upon, the patient’s profile, fibroid size, and location.

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