Piles in Men: Causes & Symptoms

Symptoms of Piles in Men_ Causes & Symptoms.

When it comes to health issues, piles in males are one of the most prevalent but least discussed. Men, in particular, frequently keep their difficulties to themselves, neglect their illness, and abandon their pain as temporary pain.

Please don’t ignore it because it can aggravate a more serious medical condition. Piles in males are easily diagnosed, and they can be treated with care, safety measures, and surgery.

 Dr. S. N. Baser, Piles specialist & Laser surgeon, at Harsh Hospital & Maternity Home explains what piles are, the symptoms of piles in males, and what causes piles in men.

Piles, Haemorrhoids, or Bawaseer in Hindi, are enlarged blood vessels and tissues found inside or beneath the skin in the rectal region. Any person who notices pain or discomfort in the anus when sitting, feels pain while urinating, notices blood in the faeces, or even if the anus is occasionally irritated, then he may have piles.

Symptoms of Piles in Males

Below mentioned are some of the common symptoms of piles in men, and when the person identifies any of these, there is a chance that he is suffering from piles.

Blood in stools

One of the most common early signs of piles in men is this. After having a bowel movement, you discover blood on your toilet paper or in the actual toilet bowl. Anal veins can rupture with a particularly forceful or substantial bowel movement, which is when this can occur.

Pain and/or itching around the anus

Haemorrhoids may be the cause of any pain and/or itching you experience around your anus. Because the anal area has delicate nerve endings, even little haemorrhoids can be uncomfortable and irritate the skin.

Swelling around the anus

An increase in the size of the anus is another typical sign of bawaseer in men. Anal vein inflammation results in swelling and bulging of the afflicted vein.

Discomfort during bowel movements

Many men will have bowel discomfort and a sense of fullness or pressure in the rectum even when they do not need to poop. Constipation, which places additional stress on swollen and irritated hemorrhoidal tissue, is usually responsible for this.

Leakage of feces

Another unpleasant symptom connected with haemorrhoids is faeces leaking (rectal prolapse). This typically occurs because the rectum’s surrounding muscles are too weak to adequately close it off.

Mucous discharge from the anus

Another sign that can appear with both internal and external haemorrhoids is mucous discharge from the anus. These membranes can produce too much mucus and leak after bowel movements if they are irritated or inflamed.

Pain during intercourse

You might feel pain during intercourse if you have haemorrhoids. This is due to the anal region’s full of sensitive nerve endings, which can be irritated or inflamed by anything that rubs against the already swollen and delicate tissue.

Anal sensation changes

Sometimes they feel changes in their anal sensations. They can experience a feeling of fullness in their rectum or think they need to poop even when they don’t. These changes are brought on by anal vein inflammation, which can put pressure on nearby nerves.

One can try home remedies to treat haemorrhoids at an early stage but when they feel that over-the-counter medicines and other home remedies are unable to reduce the pain or severity of the symptoms mentioned above, in such a situation do not delay and contact Piles Specialists immediately.

There are many types of piles treatment available that focus on relieving the symptoms and bringing in much-needed relief.

What Causes Piles in Males

Although the exact cause of piles in men is unknown, they are significantly linked to elevated pressure in the tissues and blood vessels in the anal region. However, some of the most common causes of piles in males are:

1. Constipation: Straining during bowel movements due to hard stools can put a lot of pressure on the blood vessels in the anal canal.

2. Chronic diarrhoea: It can lead to the weakening of the veins in the anal region and make them more prone to develop haemorrhoids.

3. Obesity: Being overweight increases the pressure on the muscles in the anal and rectal regions.

4. Prolonged sitting: Sitting for long hours or having a sedentary lifestyle can put a strain on the blood vessels in the anal canal and cause haemorrhoids in males.

5. Anal intercourse: This can put a strain on the veins in the anal canal

6. Aging: Aging can weaken the veins in the anal canal

7. Low-fibre diet: A low-fibre diet can cause constipation and piles

When to Consult the Piles Doctor

Haemorrhoids are extremely common, affecting between 40 to 50% of the population. The symptoms of piles in males can still be severe even after attempting home remedies and modifying your lifestyle. Then it is time to seek medical advice.

The last thing you should be worried about if you’re suffering from piles is finding the best hospital and experienced doctor for Piles to allow you to recover. Harsh Hospital & Maternity Home is among the best piles hospital in India and our staff will ensure you receive pristine treatment.

Dr.S. N. Baser at Harsh Hospital & Maternity Home has 20 years of experience in providing top-notch treatment for haemorrhoids and has helped countless patients suffering from bawaseer. We use the latest techniques and technologies such as laser treatment for piles, stapler surgery, and other treatments to ensure that our patients get the best results from our treatments. Speak to our piles expert

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