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Haemmorhoids/ piles is an extremely common problem faced by 3 out of 4 people in their lifetime. But because of its embarrassing nature, it can go undiagnosed or lead the patient to suffer in pain silently. It usually becomes painful, itchy and very uncomfortable. Prolonged bleeding can also lead to series of complications including anemia, weakness, fatigue etc.

There are various factors that lead to the development of piles along with some unavoidable ones. They have been very well discussed in other blogs. But to mention a few, straining during bowel movement, pregnancy, childbirth, weight lifting etc. basically anything that increases the pressure in your abdomen (belly).

Treatment of piles – both conservative and surgical has been discussed in detail in various blogs at put site. Visit them for the details.

As they say prevention is better than cure. Here are few tips which may help you prevent them.

6 Tips for Prevention of Piles


With the change of lifestyles and increased consumption of “fast food” to complement our fast-paced lives, the incidence of hemorrhoids seems to have gone up. Fast food has been noted to be primarily made of processed flours and ingredients which lead to the removal of fiber from the portions. 

Now, what happens if there is lack of fiber in your meals? The meal is a meal. Right? Wrong. Fibre basically creates the stool bulk, it provides no nutrients to the body but instead absorbs water and increases the water content in the stool.

Now, this stool is easier to pass and softer, leading to lesser strain on the abdomen, its muscles and the bowel.

Most adults need 25 to 30 gms of fiber per day. and trust me, it is not rocket science to consume this amount. Try doing this:

  • 1 bowl of fresh fruits.
  • 2 bowls of vegetables- Try having a salad before every meal (carrot/ broccoli/ cucumber/ beetroot etc).
  • Try having rotis over naan, whole grain bread instead of white/ brown bread (check whole wheat in ingredient list), and legumes(chana/ moong/ rajma/ peas etc).


Water is absorbed in stools to make stools softer, avoiding the risk of developing constipation. This in turn reduces the strain on the rectum and rectal vessels. Consuming at least 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day is advised by piles doctor.


Piles vary in severity for everyone, but sometimes it’s better if you give it some time to heal and follow a few simple Home Remedies for Piles.  Sitz Bath, application of Alo Vera Gel, etc home treatments for Piles will aid in quicker recovery. To keep your situation from worsening, drink plenty of fluids and buy some over-the-counter medications.


Processed meals lack nutrients and fiber. This leads to poor digestion and constipation. This leads to prolonged sitting on the toilet seat, straining and struggling. All of them being risk factors the chances you will develop hemorrhoids increase significantly.

Alcohol disturbs the intestinal balance and also leads to dehydration, increasing your chances of difficult bowel and hence hemorrhoids.


Exercising for at least 5 days of a week is recommended. Sedentary lifestyles which is common in people having jobs involving sitting for prolonged hours etc should consciously work towards keeping their bodies active. Exercise of any form such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, and skating can be incorporated. 


  1. Avoid straining during bowel movements.
  2. Avoid sitting on the toilet for prolonged hours.
  3. Prefer Indian toilets over western toilets, if that is not possible, put a stool under your feet. This helps with easier defecation.
  4. Avoid processed, oily, spicy food.

Tips for Hemorrhoids Treatment

There is a nonsurgical-conservative method for not-so-severe hemorrhoids and
a surgical method- curative. The surgical method has various procedures, which include

a) Haemorrhoidectomy which has prolonged recovery time and is quite painful.
 b) Piles treatment by Laser Surgery which usually has quicker recovery and less pain.
c) Procedures like MIPH can also be done.

Harsh Hospital provides you with all the treatment options available for your problem, including Painless laser treatment for piles in Surat itself.
To make an appointment or learn more, contact 0261-2781652, or visit (website).

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