Laser Piles Treatment: Pros & Cons


Piles are formed in places like the anal region because of swollen blood vessels and tissues. In the anal region, there are plenty of nerves, glands, and tissues that swell in response to various causes, such as poor diet, constipation, lifting too high of weights, or diarrhoea.

When the pressure around the anal region increases due to any of these causes, haemorrhoids can form.

Piles are divided into two types known as Internal & External Haemorrhoids depending on their origin. Internal piles form in the inner lining of the anus and rectum, and External piles appear around the anus.

They are not always symptomatic; however, internal piles may cause pain and discomfort, while external piles cause itching, irritation, inflammation in the area, and even bleeding.

Know more about Piles and also about piles treatment with lasers by referring to this guide.

Treatment of Piles

Several nonsurgical and surgical methods can be used to treat piles. Rubber-band ligation, freezing, or cutting off the piles with an energy beam are some of the piles surgeries. The latest and most preferable method for piles treatment is ‘Treatment of piles using laser technology’.

This is an advanced technology and Dr. S. N. Baser, one of the experienced Piles specialists in Surat prefers this treatment at Harsh Hospital & Maternity Home over the other methods considering various aspects of laser surgery for Piles. Let’s have a look at the advantages & disadvantages of laser treatment for Piles.

Advantages of laser surgery for piles

Several factors make laser surgery for piles preferable to conventional incisions. They include:

  1. Minimal Pain – Laser cutting is less painful than incisions made with a scalpel. Although the operation is performed under minimal anaesthesia, individuals may experience pain as the anaesthesia wears off. Pile surgery with laser is not painful.
  2. Blood Loss is Minimal: An element to consider whenever any type of surgery is performed is the loss of blood during the process. Using a special laser, when incisions are made, the beam also partially seals the blood vessels and tissues, which almost eliminates the blood loss. The bleeding after piles surgery is very less.
  3. Quick Healing: Less blood loss and fewer chances of infection during surgery mainly translate into a more rapid recovery for the treated patient. Usually, patients who undergo laser surgery for haemorrhoids can return to work within a week after their piles surgery which means that piles laser surgery recovery time is less.
  4. Less Chances of Damaging other Tissues: If the piles are operated on by an experienced laser surgeon, the likelihood of inflicting further damage to nearby tissues and sphincter muscles upon manipulation is very low. Our experienced Laparoscopic and Anorectal Surgeon in Surat has performed more than 10000+ laser piles surgery.
  5. Precision-based Treatment – An experienced anorectal surgeon can use a laser just to remove only the bad part leaving (piles) the good part of the body intact. With this Surgeons will have more transparency and a more precise field to work on with significantly more control over the procedure leading to better results.

Disadvantages of laser treatment for Piles

Each coin has two sides. Every technology has its benefits and drawbacks. Similar to other treatments, laser therapy for piles has drawbacks.

  • Expensive Treatment: Even though laser surgery of piles is quicker than traditional surgery; the advantages of the technology and the costs associated with instruments used to perform piles operation make it little expensive. Considering the advantages and minimization of post-operative problems, laser treatment is still seen as being reasonably priced and affordable.
  • The cost of laser treatment for piles is minimal at Harsh hospital. We do provide medical claims and cashless treatment for haemorrhoid surgery.
  •  Uncontrolled Bleeding: Laser surgery can cause uncontrolled bleeding in rare cases. Healthy tissues can get affected. It can cause significant bleeding and may require re-surgical intervention.
  • But when an experienced surgeon performs surgery, this won’t happen. Dr. S. N. Baser, an experienced Anorectal surgeon has performed more than 5000+ laser surgeries with a high success rate.

Take Aways:

If your surgeon suggests surgery as the last resort, just prefer laser surgery to any other conventional open surgery. Harsh Hospital & Maternity Home offers the best piles treatment in India. Which is the safest and the most effective option to treat piles effectively. To know more in detail just book an appointment with our piles specialist and set yourself free from painful piles.

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