How Effective Is Piles Treatment by Laser?

How Effective Is Piles Treatment by Laser.

To treat hemorrhoids, anorectal doctors may suggest a variety of home remedies for piles, including lotions, sitz baths, lifestyle changes to prevent constipation, and much more. They may provide fast relief but that is only momentarily. What about removing the problem from its roots?

Hemorrhoids can be treated surgically using techniques like cauterization, banding, injections, and classic open surgery. These days, laser surgery is the most frequently used method. Due to increased awareness and the success of the operation, more patients are seeking laser treatment for hemorrhoids.

How are Piles Treated By Laser?

In the first step, the patient is administered general anesthesia under supervision. High-energy light is used during surgical procedures to safely ablate or burn the affected tissue. Without endangering the good intestinal tissues, the laser specialists concentrate on the piles’ tissues.

As they entirely attack the growth of the heaps of tissues from the inside, the possibilities of recurrence are essentially nonexistent.

This method results in significantly lesser bleeding and thus less pain post-op. The recovery is quick and the patient can return back to normal routine in a very short period of time sometimes even in a few hours. 

At Harsh Hospital & Materntiy Home, 18000+ surgeries have been successfully conducted by Dr.S.N.Baser. He is a renowned Piles Surgeon with an expert experience of 2 decades. Contact us today to get started with your Laser Treatment for Piles and bid goodbye to this painful condition. 

Now the question arises, who should go for Piles treatment by Laser?

Who should go for Hemorrhoids Laser Treatment? 

The following patients can consider going for Laser Surgery:-

  • Want to choose a painless treatment option
  • Have tried various treatment methods but nothing has worked
  • Can not have an open procedure
  • Want a quicker recovery 

The aforementioned patients appear to benefit from the operation. Hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, anal fissures, and pilonidal sinus are just a few of the anorectal issues that can be treated with laser surgery by specialists. 

Hemorrhoids: Laser vs. Traditional Surgery 

The laser method is a better method of treating piles than conventional surgery because: 

  • The healing process is rapid and simple because there are no incisions.
  • There are fewer chances of Infection in Laser treatment. 
  • When compared to conventional hemorrhoid surgery, the odds of recurrence are relatively low.
  • After surgery, patients are usually released, though some may need to stay for an additional day or two to heal from their incisions.
  • Within the laser process, they can resume their regular activities after two to three days, whereas open surgery requires at least two weeks of recovery.
  • After a few days following laser treatment, there are no scars, in contrast to traditional piles surgery, which may leave permanent scarring.

While patients who undergo traditional surgery frequently complain about infections, postoperative bleeding, and pain around the incisions, those who undergo laser surgery hardly ever experience issues.


Every person has their own unique healing ability. While some people can be treated with Piles Home Remedies, others could require surgery. Therefore, to find out the most effective hemorrhoid therapy for you, speak with a proctologist. The correct condition can only be determined and diagnosed by a Piles doctor

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