Do You Have Anal Fissure? Here are The Treatment Options


What is the Meaning of Anal Fissure?

A tear in the lining of the anus or anal canal is known as an Anal Fissure. It might happen when you pass firm stools. During and after defecations, an anal fissure may cause severe pain and bleeding.

The anal region may experience tingling and burning as a result of the fissure. Vertigo and sweating when passing faeces can occasionally occur when the pain becomes too severe for the patient to handle.

Home cures are unable to completely alleviate the pain associated with certain fissure cases. Any persistent fissures are subsequently categorized as long-term or chronic anal fissures after six weeks have passed. These illnesses demand prompt medical attention and Anal Fissure treatment from a doctor.

Treament for Fissures

Treating Fissures can sometimes be a tedious and troublesome task. Here are some Anal Fissure Treatments at home without surgery.

Non-Surgical Fissure Treatment

  • Anesthetic Creams: Patients may benefit from topical anesthetic creams which should be used after consulting a surgeon.
  • Prevention of Constipation: Constipation-preventive laxatives (such as Isabgol and liquid paraffin) can be taken by the patients to avoid getting anal fissures after consulting a surgeon.
  • Tablet like Oxerutin: It is used to alleviate pain, promote healing, and aid relaxation. Consult your Anal Fissure Doctor for this.
  • Exercise: Treatment for anal fissures also includes aerobic workouts under professional guidance.
  • Sitz Bath: Soak your backside in warm water to get relief.

Anal Fissure Surgery

In the event that previous therapies have failed, surgery might be advised. With most patients reporting positive long-term effects, it is regarded as the most successful treatment for anal fissures. There is a slight possibility of difficulties, though. Anal fissures can be treated surgically using a variety of different methods.

Fissure Treatment by Laser

Under general anesthesia, laser treatment for fissures can reduce motion-related strain and give pain relief at the site of the fissure. Due to its benefits over open surgery, laser treatment for fissures is highly sought after.

Closed Lateral Sphincterotomy

In order to lessen the stress in your anal canal, a lateral sphincterotomy is making a little cut in the ring of muscle encircling the sphincter. This promotes the healing of the tears and lowers your risk of getting any further fissures.

Over the years, Harsh Hospital & Maternity Home in Surat, Gujarat has successfully treated thousands of people who have a variety of illnesses, including Piles (Bawasir), Anal Fissure (Wadhiya), Pilonidal sinus, Rectal Prolapse, etc.

A well-known Piles Specialist in Surat, Dr. S.Baser has been giving the community access to his abilities and amazing eyesight. Please reach out to us right away for any treatment queries.

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