ANAL FISSURES Vs. HEMORRHOIDS: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


Have you seen blood stains on toilet paper? Thinking it might be due to piles, but Anorectal Surgeons explain that it could be either piles or anal fissures. Let’s understand the differences between piles and anal fissures.

What is the difference between Hemorrhoids and Fissures?

Fissures and hemorrhoids are two typical conditions that can irritate and hurt the anal region. Fissures are tiny tears in the skin surrounding the anus, whereas hemorrhoids are bulging veins in the anus or lower rectum. Internal or external hemorrhoids can result from constipation or straining during bowel movements. Large or hard stools that are passed, as well as persistent diarrhea, can also result in fissures.

Understanding the differences between these two conditions can help you identify which one you are experiencing and seek appropriate treatment.

By reading this blog, one can easily understand the differences between piles and fissures and how to identify them based on their symptoms. This blog can serve as a helpful resource for anyone looking for information about these conditions and their treatments.

Symptoms of Anal Fissures vs Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Stool passage may be so painful that patients avoid going to the toilet out of fear.Painless bleeding while passing stools
The pain while excreting can be intense, pricking, or searing, and the burning after feces might persist for several hours.Itching/Pain & swelling around the anus
Bleeding might be noticed as a streak of blood in feces or blood on the tissue.The feeling of fullness in the rectum.
Need to strain while passing feces – This is due to an anal sphincter spasm.Discomfort during bowel movements
Itching in the anal region.Leakage of Feces
Foul dischargePainful lumps in and around the anus
Sentinel pile: In persistent conditions, a growth that resembles a skin tag can be felt at the edge of the fissure.Mucous Discharge From Anus

The symptoms of a fissure and hemorrhoid can be similar. Both may result in pain, itching, and bleeding. However, the problem is more likely to be a fissure if you are in pain and don’t feel an external lump. If you discover that your anus leaks mucus, you most likely have a hemorrhoid.

The best way to decide whether you have hemorrhoids or anal fissures is to consult a proctologist, who will do an examination using anoscope. Dr. S. N.Baser is a well-known proctologist in Surat for Piles, fissures, and Fistula.

Causes of Anal Fissure Vs Causes of Piles

A fissure is typically caused by trauma to the anal canal. Particularly, constipation is linked to hard stools. The greater pressure required to pass the hard stools tears the sensitive skin in the perianal region.Piles usually result from increased pressure in the lower rectum
Diarrhoea – The anal skin tears due to frequent strong bowel movements.Chronic Diarrhoea
Scarring in the anorectal area   Anal sex – Commonly encountered in homosexuals.Lifting heavyweights
Childbirth- Straining amid LaborObesity, pregnancy, Cirrhosis of the liver
Decreased Bloodstream to the Anorectal RangeChronic constipation – Standing, straining, or sitting for long durations
Rare causes – Crohn’s disease, leukemia, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, viral infections, etcLow Fibre Diet or overconsumption of Spicy Foods

Diagnosis of Anal Fissures & Hemorrhoids

To Diagnose the condition comprehensive history of the symptoms is usually taken, followed by an examination of the anal area, which may involve an anoscopy (visual examination of the anus with a short tube called an anoscope).

Occasionally, patients are referred to a colorectal surgeon or anorectal surgeon who could do a sigmoidoscopy (a procedure for inspecting the lower abdomen and rectum).In conjunction with symptoms and physical examinations, the doctor will distinguish whether the discomfort is due to hemorrhoids or Anal Fissures and accordingly provides the treatment.

Treatment for Anal Fissure Vs Hemorrhoids

Once any of the above-mentioned symptoms are observed it is always advisable to consult Piles Specialists, as a doctor who treats piles will be able to differentiate between piles and fissures.

For any medical issue, doctors will initially recommend a conservative method of treatment. Whether you have a fissure or hemorrhoid, your doctor will likely start with conservative measures like home remedies for piles & fissures or prescribes certain medications and also diet to avoid getting piles.

Because the two conditions generate similar symptoms, the same remedies will relieve symptoms.

Any doctor for piles and fissures will recommend some ointments or stool softeners to ease the discomfort and pain. A Sitz bath is also recommended as it provides welcoming relief for anal discomfort.

If the symptoms persist and pain worsens Anorectal Surgeon might suggest Surgical treatment for Piles as well as Anal Fissures. Surgical treatment for piles is different from surgical treatment of fissures.

Considering the location and severity of Hemorrhoids the treatment of Piles varies and includes

  • Rubber band, sclerotherapy, infrared coagulation (Grade I +II)
  •  Laser hemorrhoidoplasty (Piles Laser Treatment)
  • Closed surgery: stapler Hemorrhoidoplasty (Grade III+IV) M.I.P.H
  • Open surgery: Milligan-morgan, parks (Grade III+IV)

Similarly, Anal fissure surgery is recommended for the treatment of anal fissures. And the procedures are termed as

Prevention of Anal Fissures and Hemorrhoids

Prevention methods for a fissure or a hemorrhoid is similar in many ways, but there are a few differences.

1. To prevent a fissure, make sure your stools are neither excessively hard (constipation) nor too soft or loose (diarrhea). For regular bowel movements, it’s also important to consume adequate fiber in the diet and drink enough water.

2. Hemorrhoids can be avoided by avoiding diarrhea, constipation, and straining on the toilet. Lifting weights or moving heavy objects should be avoided.

Which is The Best Hospital for Piles & Fissures in Surat?

Harsh Hospital & Maternity Home is a highly recommended hospital for piles and fissures in Surat. It has an experienced doctor for piles and fissures.

Dr. S. N. Baser is a renowned Laparoscopic & Anorectal Laser Surgeon(M.S., F.I.A.G.E.S., F.I.S.C.P.) who specializes in treating hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and fistulas. He is one of the best doctors for piles & Fissures in Gujarat with 20+ years of experience.

Our hospital has a dedicated facility for Piles and Fissure laser surgeries that is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, industry-grade medical equipment, and cutting-edge infrastructure. Contact us today and set yourself free from painful mornings.

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