Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Surgery for Piles

Piles Laser Surgery

Hemorrhoids is defined as swollen blood vessels, usually veins from lower rectum or/ and anal canal. Piles formation usually occurs due to increased pressure on the aforementioned veins, which can occur due to constipation, prolonged diarrhoea, lifting heavy objects and any other strenuous activity.

Piles can be internal or external depending on the site resulting in a different set of symptoms.
Internal piles are usually painless and are felt while defecating. External piles are usually painful and hence diagnosed early.

Other symptoms may involve itching in peri-anal region, irritation, discharge, feeling of mass and bleeding.

What is Piles Laser Treatment?

A strong focused beam of light at a particular wavelength is aimed at the swollen and inflamed tissue. This cuts off the blood supply and then deattaches the mass eventually relieving the symptoms.
Since the Piles Laser Suregry is non-invasive; there is slight to no pain or bleeding post op. this allows the patient to be discharged the next day.

Advantages of Piles Laser Surgery

Significantly Less Pain

The procedure involves using a laser and not the conventional use of the knife, resulting in lesser pain post-op recovery.

Quicker Recovery

Recovery is significantly quicker, patient can resume work in 2 to 3 days contrasting to a couple of weeks of post-op care and rest in open procedures.

Minimal Bleeding

Laser Surgery of Piles while cutting the mass also seals the tissue and vessels leading to minimal blood loss. This also results in decreased risk of infection in post-op care.

Higher success rate

Since the procedure is comparatively quicker and more focused, healing rates are significantly higher compared to the open procedures done for the same.

Speedy Discharge

As much as we try to make your stay at Harsh Hospital comfortable; we all miss the familiarity of our homes when unwell; treatment using laser allows discharge in one day leading to a decreased stay at the hospital (also reducing the cost of stay).

More Controlled Procedure

Complicated procedures are a common drawback of traditional surgeries. When compared to other surgical methods; using laser gives surgeons a more clear; more precise field to work on with significantly more control over the procedure leading to better results.

Disadvantages of Piles Laser Surgery

Costly Equipment

The use of sophisticated instruments and developing the skill to work with laser is achieved after investing time and money and; hence these procedures might cost you slightly more than conventional surgeries. But since the Duration of stay is reduced, overall this procedure does not end up being very expensive.

All the surgical procedures are associated with the risk of a certain set of complications. Laser therapy is also associated with the risk of secondary complications such as fibrosis, fissures, etc. The risk is significantly reduced with laser though.

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