6 Effective Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids (Piles)

6 Piles Home Treatment Remedies that can help to relieve itching, pain & Bleeding. Find out when to contact a Piles Doctor & more in this guide by Harsh Hospital.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, often known as piles, are enlarged veins in the anus that can hurt, itch, and sometimes cause rectal bleeding. Pain & prolapsed, Both internal and external piles are possible. Internal hemorrhoids are found in the Anus and are neither felt nor visible. On the anus’ outer skin prolapse are external hemorrhoids. They might cause mild to severe symptoms. Here are some Home Remedies by Harsh Hospital, Surat To Treat Piles.                                                                                                   

Common Causes of Piles

  • Chronic Constipation ( Straining Pattern of Stool Passage)
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging & heavy weight lifting
  • Hereditary
  • Food Habits (Too much Spicy Food & Diet Lacking Fibrers)

Home Remedies to Treat Hemorrhoids

Here are some simple home treatments for piles so that you don’t have to go to the doctor every time you have to ease itching or soothe the pain.  These home remedies for Piles can also help to relieve other symptoms of Piles.

Aloe Vera Gel

Hemorrhoids treatment with aloe vera gel is believed to soothe the itching. Aloe Gel possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that could help lessen discomfort.

Products like sunscreen or lotion may have aloe vera gel as a component. However, since other components and additions can irritate hemorrhoids, you should only use pure aloe vera gel on the affected area. Additionally, the inside of an aloe plant’s leaves can be extracted to obtain pure aloe vera gel.

Take a Sitz bath.

Spend about 15 minutes at a time soaking in a bathtub with a few inches of warm water. Do it after each bowel movement and two to three times each day.

Use unscented soap and don’t scrub if you wish to cleanse the area as well. To dry, gently pat afterward. If it feels better, you can even use a blow dryer in a cool setting.

To make bathing simpler, you can even place special “sitz baths” right on your toilet seat.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains potent anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce edema and inflammation. The oil’s pain-relieving characteristics can assist to lessen the discomfort caused by Piles. Its antimicrobial characteristics can also help hemorrhoids to recover more quickly.

Coconut oil has a laxative effect, which may help to relieve constipation. This can aid in the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids because constipation or straining during bowel movements is a common cause.

Regular consumption of coconut oil or topical application of coconut oil is two ways to treat Piles at home.

Cold Compress

For 15 minutes at a time, use cold compresses or ice packs on the anal area to reduce swelling. Cold compresses can be a highly effective therapy for large, painful hemorrhoids.

Ice should always be wrapped in a cloth or paper towel. Applying something frozen directly to your skin can injure or damage it, therefore never do so.


Soreness may be relieved by using an over-the-counter medication like acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen.


It provides pain relief, acts as an antioxidant, & strengthens the wall of blood vessel

Glycerine  Magnesium Sulphate paste

This paste aid with pain relief, itching relief, and discomfort. In external oedematous swollen piles

Stool Softeners

Stool softeners or fiber supplements like Isabgol, and two tablespoons with water after dinner is good stool softener & relieve constipation.

Ointment application (Anovate, Pilex,)

Ointments containing hydrocortisone, Xylocaine, and calcium dobesilate are helpful in symptomatic relief

Others are liquid paraffin, Cascara & senna.

Here are some lifestyle changes that can help with the Piles treatment.

Squatting Position

Consider squatting. When using the restroom, place a little bench or a stack of phone books under your feet ( 10-12 inch height). Raising your knees when using the restroom alters the position of your internal organs and might facilitate bowel movements.

Fibre Intake

Increase the fiber content in your daily diet. Your stools become softer and pass through your body more easily as a result.

 It can be found in fresh fruits( avoid juices) and vegetables ( Salads of Carrot, Cucumber, Beet), whole-grain bread, and legumes.

If you are unable to acquire enough from meals, you might wish to try a supplement. Slowly introducing fiber can help prevent bloating and gas. These home remedies should be used with care.

When to see a Piles Doctor?

If after more than two weeks, Piles home remedies are still ineffective, consult a Piles doctor. Hemorrhoids can be identified and treated by a Qualified Piles Surgeon. They are able to issue prescriptions for medicinal suppositories, creams, and ointments.

A piles specialist could advise procedures like  Laser Haemarroidoplasty, Stapler haemorrhoidectomy, Suture mucorectopaexy, etc.

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