STARR Surgery

Anorectal / STARR Surgery

STARR Surgery

Here at Harsh Hospital, We are Providing Stapled Transanal Resection of the Rectum STARR Surgery (For Chronic Constipation ) O.D.S.

  •     STARR Surgery is a surgical system that is performed through the anus, requires no outside entry points, and leaves no obvious scars.
  •     When a patient has symptoms of chronic constipation, they may be suffering from Obstructed Defection syndrome or ODS.
  •     ODS is associated with deformities in the rectum, such as the formation of rectocele (prolapse of the wall between the rectum and the vagina) or telescoping of the intestinal Wall.
  •     These abnormalities can cause bowel movements to become difficult, and often leave the patient with a feeling of incomplete evacuation.
  •     The Stapled Transanal Rectal Resection or “STARR” procedure is a new surgical procedure to help relieve these symptoms.
  •     The STARR Procedure removes excess tissue in the rectum, reducing the deformities that contribute to ODS.
  •     After the STARR Surgery, the rectum is free from obstruction, allowing for a normal bowel movement.


  •     When O.D.S. Longo’s Score is > 7
  •     Fecal incontinence, repeated straining
  •     digitation in rectum, perineum or vagina
  •     to aid defecation
  •     External Prolapse
  •     Enema Dependancy
  •     Excessive time spent in the toilet
  •     Sense of incomplete or unsuccessful defecation