Gynaecology Department / Fibroid


Fibroid is the most common benign tumor of the uterus. It is also the most common solid tumor of female. It is estimated that 20 out of 100 women in their 30s have fibroid in their wombs.

There is an increased risk of developing fibroid in following situations:

  •     Nulliparity (haven't given birth)
  •     obesity
  •     Hyperestrogenemic state
  •     Darker women

70% of women remain asymptomatic whereas, 30٪ women may have abnormal menstruation. These symptoms can be:

  1. A. Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding, prolonged menstrual cycle)
  2. B. Metrorrhagia (bleeding at irregular intervals)
  3. C. Dysmenorrhea (cramps and pelvic pain with excessive flow and clots) etc.

There are various treatment options depending upon, patient's profile, fibroid size and location.