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Hemorrhoids are blood vessel cushions, the connective tissue and the muscle on the anal canal. Hemorrhoids help keep fecal continence and ensure that no liquid escapes through the sphincter at the end of the digestive tract.


Swollen hemorrhoids are usually caused by the excess pressure on the lower rectum. This can happen if you have a bowel movement that can occur during chronic diarrhea and constipation. It can also happen if you sit too long on the toilet because your anus relaxes when you sit on the toilet, allowing the veins to fill with blood, which then puts pressure on the veins.

Pregnant women are also more susceptible to hemorrhoid problems due to the baby's weight and also because they give birth. According to estimates from two studies in France, approximately 25 to 35% of pregnant women are affected in the third quarter. Too much overweight or too much to stand or lift can also make hemorrhoids worse.

People with swollen hemorrhoids do not necessarily feel pain, although bleeding, anal swelling and discomfort can occur. Two types of hemorrhoids are available: internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are inside the rectum and, the most common symptoms are painless rectal bleeding, prolapse or protrusion, pain, and irritation.

How to Prevent?

You can keep your intestines moving regularly and reduce the risk of hemorrhoids by adding more fiber to your diet, about 30 grams a day. Apart from bulk-forming laxatives such as Fiberall and Metamucil, laxatives can cause diarrhea and should be avoided because they can exacerbate hemorrhages. Also, during the bowel movement, you should avoid exerting too much pressure.

Try not to sit on the toilet for too long when you wait for the bowel movement and avoid too much stress when you try to pass a stool.

Consult a Doctor

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