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Hemorrhoid laser procedure is a clinical procedure where hemorrhoids are removed using specialized equipment that emits laser. It is similar to other surgeries that are performed to manage hemorrhoids. The ultimate goal of laser treatment for hemorrhoids is to get rid of the condition completely and relieve the patient’s symptoms.

Why Laser Procedure?

The reason for performing laser hemorrhoid procedure is the symptoms that accompany hemorrhoids. These can include irritation around the anal orifice, itching, leaking and mild amount of bleeding. In some patients, hemorrhoids can cause a great degree of pain as well.

How is Laser Treatment Performed?

Before the treatment is commenced, patients may be requested to stop taking any blood thinning medications that they are on. In addition, the patient must also inform the doctor of the list of medications that are taken regularly so that the essential ones can be taken and the non-essential ones can be missed if required. Patients may be requested to perform an overnight fast and attend the procedure on an empty stomach. Small sips of water are allowed.

As is the case with any surgical procedure, a detailed explanation of the procedure is provided to the patient and consent is obtained. The patient is admitted to hospital and the patient is placed in position so as to get clear access to the hemorrhoids. After the area is cleaned with antiseptic solution and a local anesthetic will be administered. Sometimes, mild sedation may be offered to relieve any anxieties that the patient is experiencing.

A laser beam is directed towards each individual hemorrhoid. It results in the hemorrhoid being cut-off and removed completely. Fortunately, there is no significant associated bleeding with the procedure as the laser can coagulate the blood simultaneously.

Once the hemorrhoids have been removed, the area is cleaned with antiseptic yet again and the patient is discharged back to the ward. The patient is observed for a short period of time (often around two hours) and is then sent home.

Success Rates

Laser Hemorrhoid procedure is associated with tremendous success rates. Not just is it painless to the patient and is the recovery quick; a study that looked at 750 patients who underwent laser treatment for piles had over 98% of them experience successful treatment. Patient satisfaction is almost 100%. There is no doubt that the long-term results associated with hemorrhoid laser procedure are excellent.

The symptom relief obtained from the laser is also remarkably higher than standard hemorrhoid removal. Studies have shown that seven days after the procedure, over 65% of patients treated with laser hemorrhoid removal and less pain than those treated with a conventional surgical approach.

In addition, patients found it a lot easier to open their bowels within five days as compared to conventional procedure patients would look a lot longer. Another benefit that the hospital experiences is one of lower costs.