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Hampered by haemorrhoids? These simple strategies can help prevent haemorrhoid pain from getting in the way of your life.Here are some tips that helps you to Avoid Piles.

1.Fill Up on Fibre

Piles (Haemorrhoids) are more likely to occur in people who have infrequent bowel movements. One of the easiest, most natural ways to become more regular is by taking more fibre in diet or supplements. Great food sources of fibre include:

  •     Legumes, such as split peas, lentils, black beans, lima beans, and baked beans
  •     Whole grains, such as barley, bran flakes, oatmeal, and brown rice
  •     Vegetables, such as artichoke, green peas, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts
  •     Fruits, such as raspberries, pears, apples, and bananas

2.Drink Enough Water

Along with eating a healthy diet full of fibre, adequate hydration from water is the key to having healthy bowel movements. Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day doesn’t just keeps your digestive system running smoothly; it benefits your entire body.

3.Get Plenty of Exercise

Staying active reduces your time spent sitting and putting pressure on the veins in your lower rectum. If you have a history of problematic haemorrhoids, opt for more moderate exercise routines such as yoga, swimming, or walking to prevent haemorrhoids from flaring.

4.Don’t Fight the Urge

When you have to go, go. This is one of the simplest ways to prevent haemorrhoids. If you obey your body when it screams at you, the chance of problems is less.

5.Avoid Straining

Straining and putting more pressure on the veins in your rectum is one of the most common causes of painful or bleeding haemorrhoids. Other situations can cause straining too, such as lifting heavy objects, a chronic cough, or even pregnancy.