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Harsh Hospital and Maternity Home is a multi-specialty hospital in the city of Surat, Gujarat. A trusted name that has been acknowledged nationally as a renowned panel of laparoscopic surgeons, anorectal surgeons , general physician and gynecological surgery experts based in Surat.

The foundation of this hospital is based on the principles of assisting supreme class pharmaceutical amenities to patients with the need of laparoscopic surgery in Surat, anorectal surgery in Surat, gynecology surgeon in Surat and trusted general physicians in Surat with humble and humane touch.

At Harsh Hospital and Maternity Home, it is of utmost value and our heartily felt ambition to take every essential step for making our society a healthier space to live and assist in the birthing of a healthier future generation.

Based on these core values, we've made it our lives mission to aid anyone in need of a laparoscopic surgeon in Surat, gynaecology surgeon in Surat, anorectal surgeon in Surat or a general physician with a team of qualified medical experts from the stated fields who take pride in their area of expertise and the central value of our hospital to be a trustworthy guidance for every person we cross paths with.

The hospital is overwhelmed with the kind of trust and confidence it has earned on the bases of the premier medical expertise, the state-of-art-facilities, research, and a history of seamless patient diagnosis; that as of this day it assists patients from all walks of life - laparoscopic, anorectal, gynecology and general physician.

We embarked on our journey of developing into a trusted and qualitative medical health provider for all the health care needs of people in Surat with our hospital in (year). This journey for us has been indeed very glorious. We take immense pleasure in providing care to [number of patients] per year in our OPD and about [number of patients] in our IPD. Allow us to express our gratitude for trusting us with your medical health needs. For as long as we can, we shall always assist with a panel of experts who are trusted across the nation.

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