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About Us

Harsh Hospital and Maternity Home is a multi-specialty hospital in Surat, Gujarat. it is a trusted name that has been acknowledged nationally as a renowned panel of laparoscopic surgeons, anorectal surgeons and gynecological surgery experts based in Surat.

The foundation of this hospital is based on the principle of providing supreme class pharmaceutical amenities to patients with the need of laparoscopic surgery/ anorectal surgery/ gynaecological advice with humble and humane touch and complete honesty.

Our aim at Harsh Hospital and Maternity Home is to take every step to provide the best healthcare to help with a better, healthier and stronger society.

The hospital is overwhelmed with the kind of trust and confidence it has earned on the basis of the premier medical expertise, the state-of-art-facilities, research, and a history of seamless patient diagnosis, that as of this day it assists patients from all walks of life - surgical, gynecological and medicinal aspects.

Our journey of developing into a trusted and qualitative medical health provider for all the health care needs of people in Surat with our hospital has been incredible with all the lessons and rewards. We take immense pleasure in providing care to [number of patients] per year in our OPD and about [number of patients] in our IPD. Allow us to express our gratitude to you for trusting in us with your medical health needs. For as long as we can, we shall always assist with a panel of experts who are trusted across the nation.

Words of Managing Director

As a surgeon, it is my utmost duty to evaluate the situation with maximum data I can gather from my studies, researches and from the experiences I have had from all the years of practice to understand if the patient's demand is justifiable or not. According to me, the doctor should be well versed to develop confidence in the patient. A sick patient is at his most vulnerable self when he visits the doctor and the doctor shall be able to inculcate the confidence in him. Empathy and knowledge shall always be the qualities a doctor prioritizes. 

Dr. S.N. Baser

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